Go to the Best Live Theater in Atlanta with This Guide

Go to the Best Live Theater in Atlanta with This Guide

Live Theater in Atlanta

Wondering what are the top venues and events to go to when looking for the best live theater in Atlanta? Today we’ll go over which are some worthy places you should go to, along with the finest cultural events. That way, you can be sure to have a one-of-a-kind experience when visiting Georgia’s capital.

Top Venues to Consider when Looking for the Best Live Theater in Atlanta

Theatre Venues in Atlanta

Without a doubt, Atlanta is among the top hot spots in the United States to catch amazing art shows. That’s why if you wish to have a great time during your stay, you must know which are the venues that host the best events in the area. We also invite you to check out our guide on the top things to do in Atlanta.

These are some of the top venues to go to when looking for the best live theater in Atlanta:

  1. Fox Theatre
  2. Center Stage Theatre
  3. Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse
  4. Synchronicity Theatre
  5. Buckhead Theatre
  6. Alliance Theatre
  7. Center of Puppetry Arts in Midtown Atlanta
  8. The Grand Opera House at Macon, GA

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Fox Theatre

First, we have the Fox Theatre. Being among the top places to visit in Atlanta, this theater itself has a majestic infrastructure that leaves everyone bowled over. It is heavily inspired by Ancient Egypt and Middle East architecture. Not only that, but this theater’s ceiling has a fantastic painting of the sky, making you feel as if you’re under twinkling stars and clouds.

Because of this, it’s the venue that hosts most of the events in Atlanta.

Center Stage Theatre

This theater acts as Atlanta’s community center, hosting different types of performances all year round. You can find this place in midtown Atlanta.

The Center Stage Theatre counts on three event spaces:

  • The Loft
  • Vinyl
  • Center Stage Theatre

Each of these areas offers different spacing, house sound, and lighting systems. That’s why we invite you to check out their website to see their upcoming shows and concerts.

Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse

Shakespeare is among the best English writers in history. So, you can expect a theater that’s named after him to honor his memory by hosting the best performances of his works. Moreover, since this place only counts on 200 heats, you can often feel as if you’re part of the show.

Synchronicity Theatre

If you’re looking for an educational performance that appeals to every member of the family, then you should check out the Synchronicity Theatre.

Buckhead Theatre

When it comes to the most prominent show business performances, Buckhead Theatre is the place you should go. This location is Atlanta’s most intimate venue, hosting a wide range of performances, productions, and musical acts.

Alliance Theatre

Visit the Alliance Theatre in Atlanta

Being in business ever since 1986, this theater is among the top-favorite for Atlanta residents. For this reason, it brings different people together from multiple countries with stunning performances.

Knowing which is the best live theater in Atlanta is essential if you wish to have a great time while staying in this city. Do you think we missed any venue? Let us know by calling our team or sending us an email!