Top Mother’s Day Events in Atlanta to Consider

Top Mother’s Day Events in Atlanta to Consider

Mother's Day Events in Atlanta

Mother’s Day is just around the corner! That’s why if you wish to make the best out of this celebration, you must start planning out your weekend. For this reason, we’ll go over the top Mother’s Day events in Atlanta you should keep in mind.

Treat Your Mom by Taking Her to These Mother’s Day Events in Atlanta

Although it might sound cliché, the best gift you can give your mom is your time. However, with the coronavirus pandemic still hitting hard, it can be quite hard knowing what to do for this Mother’s Day weekend.

Fortunately, there are several ways you can commemorate this day without placing your loved ones and yourself at risk. From outdoor activities like going to the park to having a fantastic brunch with the family, you can be confident that your mother will have a great time.

The suggestions we’ll give you will create beautiful memories that will have your mom talking for years!

These are some Mother’s Day events in Atlanta you should take your mom to:

  • Start the day with a Mother’s Day brunch.
  • Appreciate the outdoors at Piedmont Park
  • Enjoy fantastic exhibitions at the Atlanta Botanical Garden
  • Listen to live music at the Dunwoody Art Festival
  • Dine at the Park Tavern

Start the Day with a Mother’s Day Brunch

Mother's Day Brunch in Atlanta

Sunday brunches are a go-to activity when celebrating moms during this day.

Brunch is a tradition for all American families, and it signifies the luxury every mom deserves. Moreover, brunches can surely start a day the right way. That’s why there’s no better way to celebrate than by taking her to her favorite brunch spot.

In Atlanta, there are many restaurants in midtown Atlanta to keep in mind. These are some perfect places you should go:

  • Ticonderoga Club
  • Emerald City Bagels
  • El Tesoro
  • Buttermilk Kitchen
  • The General Muir
  • Sun in My Belly
  • Ria’s Bluebird
  • South City Kitchen Buckhead

All of these places offer a wide variety of dishes, from chicken and waffles to bottomless mimosas!

Remember to check online the safety protocols of each spot! That way, you’ll visit a place in which you’ll feel comfortable.

Appreciate the Outdoors at Piedmont Park

Visit Piedmont Park in Georgia

If you wish to have a great time enjoying the fresh air, you need to go to Piedmont Park.

For this year’s Mother’s Day, there’s a family picnic event! Additionally, for this event, the organizers will be taking lots of pictures, so be sure to dress comfortably and elegantly.

The best part of this is that this event is entirely free!

Along with the family picnic activity, Piedmont Park has tons of other events for this weekend. These activities include the Guided History Piedmont Park Tour and the Verizon 5G Home Truck Tour. Lastly, you can visit the Green Market if you want to have an enhanced shopping experience. Not only that, but you’ll be supporting the local economy as well.

When it comes to its safety protocols, Piedmont Park currently doesn’t have too many attractions opened. For instance, the playgrounds, outdoor fitness equipment, pool, and Legacy Fountain Splash Pad are closed.

Enjoy Fantastic Exhibitions at the Atlanta Botanical Garden

Gardens for Connoisseurs Tour in Atlanta

Being a top-favorite location for Atlanta residents, it’s inevitable not to include this place in our list.

Atlanta’s Botanical Garden hosts a grand collection of plants, alluring displays, and unique exhibitions. This place also includes 30 acres of outdoor gardens, including award-winning spots such as Children’s Garden and the Storza Woods.

While you can visit this botanical garden at any time of the year, May is probably the best month to visit. That is because May is the peak of spring; thus, you can appreciate the diversity of colors the flowers and tropical plants bring.

For this Mother’s Day weekend, you should go to the Gardens for Connoisseurs Tour. This tour features the private gardens of Ron Aldana and Herman Lee, Kathy Powell, and Cynthia Jeness. Be sure to buy your tickets online on time!

Along with this tour, you can also treat your mom to the outdoor café this place has. After all, there’s nothing better than enjoying a hot cup of tea while appreciating nature.

Regarding their safety protocols, Atlanta Botanical Garden requires all guests to wear their masks at all times. Moreover, they ask them to stay at least six feet away from other guests.

Listen to Live Music at the Dunwoody Art Festival

If you’re looking for a free event with live music and food, then definitely go to the Dunwoody Art Festival!

From Saturday to Sunday, this festival will take place at the Brook Run Park. Here, you can find your old-time favorites in the Food Court. The best thing about this place is that there are tons of activities for everyone!

Lastly, this festival counts on multiple amenities, such as first aid services, a lost and found section, and multiple restrooms.

Remember to wear your mask and maintain social distancing when going to this event.

Dine at the Park Tavern

Last but not least, we have the good-old Park Tavern.

Just like with St. Patrick’s Day, this restaurant also hosts many events all year long, including this year’s Mother’s Day brunch.

Additionally, this place often comes with a selection of delicious dishes. So, you can end your day by going to this restaurant.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, you can now take a quick look at Park Tavern’s menu on their site! Furthermore, they are taking the necessary precautions for any event they are hosting.

As you can see, you can do a ton of things for this year’s celebration. Now that you know the top Mother’s Day events in Atlanta, it’s time for you to add them to your schedule!

Remember to rely on a professional transportation company for this upcoming celebration. Be sure to go for a company that follows all safety precautions, such as sanitized vehicles.

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