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Alianza App is redefining urban mobility & convenience through rideshare services. To better solve your everchanging needs, we created the Alianza Passenger app. With our app, you can easily find a ride online, and a nearby driver will take you where you need to be, reliably.

Also, Alianza Driver offers you an alternative to the nine to five tedious and tiring routine. You can become a driver and start making some reliable earnings, enjoying a flexible schedule & regaining some freedom.

Alianza App

Download Alianza Driver & Steer Toward Freedom

We created the Alianza Driver app for those who seek freedom and want to make some good earnings at the same time.

Go ahead, take control of the steering wheel of your life by becoming an Alianza Driver. By doing so, you’ll decide when, where, and for how long you want to work.

Alianza Driver is a reliable and easy-to-use rideshare app for drivers. And it is also a gold-mine for rideshare drivers. No bosses or supervisors; just you. No boring & eternal nine to five routines.

Download the app and enjoy the freedom and rentability of being a rideshare driver.

Download Alianza Passenger & Book Your Ride Now

Request a ride anytime, anywhere! We created the Alianza rideshare app so that you can get around your city in an affordable, safe & comfortable way. Plus, once you send us a ride request, we would be on the way to fit your schedule, never the other way around.

Download our Alianza Passenger app to book your next ride in just a few taps.

Download Alianza App

Set Your Schedule and Go

You set your schedule and go. Easy as it sounds. Alianza Passenger is a mobile rideshare app that allows you to find a ride online near you.
Here, you’ll get the ride you need. Whether you’re looking for space, comfort, style, or affordability, Alianza Passenger is the app you want on your smartphone.
Move around your city quickly, affordably, safely & worry-free.

Request a ride now!

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You can book your ride in just a few taps anytime, anywhere! Define your location-destination, pick your ride (car model), and see an estimated fare before booking. All done in a simple, hassle-free way.

Peace of Mind.

How safe is Alianza rideshare app? We perform rigorous employment background checks. We do this to guarantee your peace of mind from when you open the app until you reach your destination. Before you request a ride online, you’ll be able to see the details of the assigned driver and vehicle. You decide if you want to go with us.

Let Your Loved Ones Know Where You Are.

While you’re on your ride, you can share your real-time location with your loved ones and friends—giving them peace of mind. And once you make it to your destination, you can update your ride status to let them know that your experience was of a first-class.

Find the Ride You Want

Ideal for Long Trips

Ideal for Long Trips

Great for Family Outings (8 Seats)

Great for Family Outings (8 Seats)

Outings, Long Trips, or Even Employee Rides (7 Seats)

Outings, Long Trips, or Even Employee Rides (7 Seats)

The Most Affordable Rideshare Option

The Most Affordable Rideshare Option